There its written: it is the best
To keep calm let others do the rest
Look to what we show you quiet intensive
Bread and games are not expensive

They consting only your free will
U anyway don t need to kill
And if u r not believing in us no more
Look there! annother war!

Terrorrist or activist
All animies just show them your fists
They don t want our great control in change of freedom
They want think instead of stay home?

Thats suspect. We need to know who they are what they do.
Not comform that is supect
Own thinking dialect
That s a risk to be controlled, that a risk for me... And you...

Self thinking people here and there
cannot imagine if they connect without control
They could find the real bug in our protocol
Find out where the money goes and see no will to share.

We need to reakt in mediace race
3 world war has to take now place
Lets intrigate, lye and kill
To chop thinking peoples will.

The moment they are running after food
Not heaving house, peace and basic good
They will accept our ruel
And we can chill on our pool

Yes it costs some peoples live
and my be some money for a while
But finally it a good invest
The world keeps turn in our interrest